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Contralytics’ consultants have a broad range of design, engineering, and management experience that provides the necessary knowledge base for producing or defending against contract claims. Most of this experience is marine industry oriented with broadly varied construction industry experience as well. This experience provides real-world knowledge of work methods, production processes, management techniques, and financial realities essential to identifying and understanding both the short-term and full impact of contract changes.

The marine experience of the four principal consultants for Contralytics includes hands-on construction of ships, detailed design, various types of engineering related to ships and shipyards, naval architecture, production planning and scheduling, shipyard process analysis and design, and shipyard management in the areas of engineering, contracts, production, and finance. This depth and breadth of experience is second to none in contract claims consulting.

To compliment this deep understanding of the shipbuilding industry, Contralytics consultants have been leaders in the application of modern computer techniques for the development of and defense against contract claims. Contralytics consultants have utilized most of the production planning and progressing software currently in use in major industry in its analysis of contract change impacts, and in this process, have developed add-on proprietary techniques of its own for categorizing and quantifying such impacts.

Over the years, Contralytics has utilized as many as twenty independent consultants to perform large claims analyses of varying types. However, the four principal consultants have been involved in all of Contralytics’ major efforts since 1990, and the collective experience delineated on the Marine Industry Experience page (click here to go to that page) is pertinent to all. Consequently, and because of the extensive experience of Contralytics’ consultants, traditional resumes are not included on this Web site. However, work histories listing significant career responsibilities and titles pertinent to understanding, developing, analyzing, or defending against contract claims of all types, but particularly those in the marine field follow this introduction. Principle consultant-specific resumes or curriculum vitae are available upon request.


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