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Who We Are

In 1989 five formerly independent consultants formed Contralytics primarily to pursue work related to the analysis of commercial and government contract disputes. The company operates today with four principal consultants and a list of associate consultants that the years have brought to our attention as experienced and competent problem solvers in their areas of expertise. As industrial contract dispute analysis requires both wide-ranging and detailed experience in planning, production, and management, the company found these same capabilities in demand for a broad spectrum of production and management consulting services and provided these services for many years. However, we have now narrowed our focus to strictly deal with all aspects of contract disputes and formal claims.

Contralytics’ extensive experience in contract disputes has resulted in fine-tuning its ability to communicate the technical aspects of contract claims to attorneys, be it the client’s in-house attorney or those of an outside law firm, and the quality of our results has shown that the detailed presentation of these technical aspects are pivotal in achieving satisfactory results for our clients. For us, the presentation of detailed facts in a contract dispute, along with a rational allocation of responsibility, has always proven to be more effective than the flashy graphics and rhetoric approach used by many consulting groups.

Over the years, Contralytics has provided contract dispute analysis (usually as claims development or claims rebuttal) and general consulting services to some of the largest industrial companies in the United States and Canada. Those services have also been performed for medium-sized and small companies, each requiring different problem solving techniques.

While contract disputes in the marine industry still provide the major portion of Contralytics’ business, we have also provided contract dispute resolutions for other areas of industry such as construction, aerospace, and communications. Click on any item in the listing below for more information on Contralytics’ experience in the area of your interest or click on the designation of PDF for a copy in Portable Document Format that can be easily printed or shared.


How we work

Contralytics will endeavor to provide its services in any manner desired by the client, but over the years, we have developed a standard operating profile which we recommend, and for which we have a standard set of rates. This standard operating profile is delineated below.

Contralytics consultants will travel to the clients preferred worksite where the client will provide reasonable workspace and all necessary equipment and materials, including computers connected to the company’s intranet and access to the project’s databases and necessary software.

Contralytics’ consultants will travel to the worksite on the first available plane on the morning of the first workday. A work day of eight, nine, or ten hours per day (as previously agreed by Contralytics and the client) will be worked and billed by each assigned consultant, including travel days, for eleven continuous days. On the eleventh day, the consultant will depart the client’s worksite in time to catch the last plane available to his or her home arriving before eight pm local time. This provides the consultant three days off in each two week cycle and provides the client with an efficient balance of work performed for expenses incurred by minimizing air travel costs per days worked ratio.

The client will provide reasonable lodging and rental cars. Each consultant will be provided his or her own room and a rental car for every two consultants. The lodging and rental car costs will be paid directly by the client. The client will also purchase the necessary airline tickets and provide them to the consultants.

The only expenses billed to the client by Contralytics will be for meals during travel and work at the client’s worksite and for a few incidental costs such as travel to and from the airport, airport parking, and rental car gasoline. Consultants will provide receipts for all meals exceeding ten dollars if actual meal expenses are to be billed; however, Contralytics prefers to utilize a per diem rate for meals to simplify accounting for both parties. Contralytics will accept established government rates applicable to the client’s worksite location.

The standard billing rate for all Contralytics consultants is $200 dollars per hour. The preferred method of payment is by check to each billing consultant inclusive of hours worked and expenses incurred. All consultants will supply their social security numbers to the client for tax purposes and will expect a U.S. Internal Revenue Service Form 1099 on the appropriate date.

All billings are due and payable in full thirty days after delivery to the client.

Contact Us

Contact us for additional information at mail @ using the normal e-mail format.



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